About – Dr. John Daugherty

Dr. John Daugherty

My life experience has been a constant and continuous quest for growth and understanding of the universal laws and principles and how they interact with human values, behaviors, health and wellness. I have studied health, healing and human behavior from a bio-energetic wellness perspective creating a confluence of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and how they influence the quality of our life experience. My love is learning, teaching, speaking and sharing strategies for experiencing your truly authentic self, the inspired self. This experience allows you to open to your greatest potential with the possibilities that are available to you right now. I have 40 years’ experience in healing, workshops, coaching and sharing.

Now the practical and somewhat boring information about who I am. I have been practicing Chiropractic for 35+ years, and in that time I have studied, and explored multiple methods and processes of healing. I trained and practice as a Chiropractic Physician, although most of my clients and patients just call me a healer. I am grateful for that designation, because healing entails many different aspects of who I hope to be in the world. I have advanced studies in Bio-Energy medicine, Functional and Integrative medicine, as well as being a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. I have studied various personal Coaching methods and have trained in many human behavior trainings, such as the Hendricks Institute, Psych K, Neuro-Emotional and Somato-Emotional Therapies.

All of this said, through years of study and practice, I have developed many of my own approaches to health and healing. These methods encompass the ability to create change in physical, mental, emotional and behavioral aspects of each and every patient. These methods have been brought out in this book and my hope is that you as a reader will benefit from what you learn here. If you are a health practitioner my hope is that you will find a way to utilize the information in this book to help clients and patients in your own practices. That would be the ultimate honor to have shared something that would help someone, somewhere that I never even met in my life, but was able to share the energy of healing through another practitioner.

I would like to direct you to more information about me on my website, drjohndaugherty.com which gives you my intentions and my commitment to serving my community. Please take some time to browse around my website.
My hope for you is that you find healing, transformation and the best version of yourself expressed in the world.